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Closings and Delays

Where are school closings and delays posted?

  • A call and/or text is sent out to parents who have signed up for school notifications during online registration.  
  • An alert is posted at the top of this website.  
  • A message is posted to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.  
  • Local radio stations are notified. 


When are school closings and delays posted?

As soon as the Superintendent makes the decision, he contacts the Chief Technical Officer who begins the process described above.  If the decision is made the evening before, the process is begun that evening.  If the decision is made early in the morning, the phone calls and texts will be delayed until 5:30 a.m., but the website and Facebook postings will be made as quickly as possible.  If you need to know if there is a delay prior to 5:30 a.m., please consult the website.  Please be aware that the decision to delay or close school is very dependent upon weather conditions. Changing weather conditions that might put your child(ren)’s safety at issue may result in a later notification of a delay or a delay being changed to a closing.  Please also realize that conditions at your home location may be significantly different than those in another part of the district.  The goal is to keep all children in the district safe.


Inclement Weather Day (eLearning) Plan Link: HERE


The following radio stations will be contacted with the school news:

Radio Station


On Your Dial

WZVN/ WLJE Valparaiso 107.1 FM / 105.5 FM
WLQI / WRIN Rensselaer 97.7 FM / 1560 AM


In the event of a two-hour delay on a Wednesday, school will start two hours later than the normal start time (not the delayed start time).  The will be no late start Wednesday.  When there is a two-hour delay the before-school program will be held from 8:30 to 10:30 AM.  

Bus drivers will have the discretion while running their routes to determine whether a road can be traveled safely.  It may be necessary for a driver to eliminate part or all of their route rather than subject the students and driver to a hazardous situation.


For Any Two Hour Delays Including Wednesdays
  Drop Off Starts Dismissal
High School 9:00 am 9:25 am 2:20 pm
Middle School 9:10 am 9:25 am 2:05 pm
Intermediate School 10:25 am 10:45 am 3:20 pm
Elementary Kdg-3rd 10:40 am 10:55 am 3:35 pm
Preschool (AM/PM alternate days) 12:20 pm 12:30 pm 3:15 pm


When do I sign up to get phone calls or text to notify me when school is going to be closed or delayed due to weather?

Your contact information will be setup in Skyward Family Access.  Please go to Family Access and navigate to the Skylert tab along the left side.  A window will open up where you will be allowed to enter phone numbers for calling, email addresses, and several numbers for texting.  This allows you to have complete control over how you receive your district notifications and cancellations.  It can be updated by you whenever you have a change.  Just be sure to click the SAVE button after updates have been made.


What if I change my mind about the notifications or my phone number(s) change?

If it is the primary home phone number that has changed and/or contact phone numbers for parents or emergency contacts, please contact the school office where your child attends and indicate that you need the phone number(s) updated in the student’s records. For notifications, log in to your Family Access account and make any necessary changes as described above.


Whom do I call if I am not getting the phone calls or texts and I know the school has the correct information?

         Call the KVSC IT Department 219-987-8817