District News

School will be closed on November 19th

Kankakee Valley School Corporation will be closing school on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. While this day was not part of our original school calendar, we hope we are providing you with enough notification to be able to make child-care arrangements for the day if needed. 

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Delay/Closing Notifications

As the winter season approaches, and delays/cancellations are possible, we are asking that you check your contact numbers on file for calls and texts.  Please make sure that your work number is NOT listed to be called for delays (unless it is a direct line to you and necessary).  We have had several places of business contact us and ask to be removed from our calling system. Each parent in each family has his/her own account, so it is important that every parent check his/her individual numbers. 

For example:  Mom cannot take out Dad’s work number from her account; he will need to login to his account and update his numbers as well. To check your numbers, please login to Family Access and go to the Skylert tab on the left near the bottom.  Please verify your phone numbers for calls, and then also verify the numbers for texts.   Feel free to add any additional numbers that you may want called or texted.  Our intention is for you to receive notice of these cancellations in a manner that is helpful to you. 

We appreciate your help by checking/updating these numbers before the winter weather poses hazardous conditions.  

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the IT department at 219-987-8819.