Lice Check At Home

According to the head lice policy within the Kankakee Valley School Corporation, twice a year you will be asked to do a lice check on your own children. There are two scheduled weekends this year to perform a lice check. The information below gives you directions on how to accomplish this check.

        You will need:

  • your eyeglasses (if you need them)
  • a bright light
  • a metal lice comb (optional)
  • a regular comb
  • hair clips for longer hair
  • paper towels

Explain to your child/family member what you are going to do. Have them sit in a comfortable spot under a bright light.

Untangle long hair using a regular comb. Divide the hair into four sections and check one section at a time.

You are looking for live lice and nits. Nits are the lice eggs that cement to the hair near the scalp. Nits are white, grey, or yellowish and can be confused with fluff, dandruff or dirt, however, a nit will not move until you dislodge it.

If using a lice comb, comb it through the hair close to the scalp and then wipe on a paper towel. Look at the paper towel for lice or nits.

You must look through the entire head. Use hair clips to hold longer hair in place. If you find lice or nits follow the instructions below


Head Lice Treatment

Head Lice Facts