Wheatfield Elementary School News

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Popcorn Day

Our first popcorn day will be Friday, August 30. Don't forget your quarter!

Labor Day - No School

Monday, September 2nd is Labor Day - school will not be in session this day!

PTC Meeting

Thursday, September 5th will be our Parent/Teacher Council (PTC) Meeting. The meeting will be in the cafeteria at 3:45.

School Picture Day

Say "Cheese"... School pictures will be taken on Tuesday, September 17th. 

Third Grade Music Program

Our Third Grade Music Program will be on Tuesday, October 8th at 6:00 pm. Come on out!

New Accessibility Menu Button

Check out the new Accessibility Menu button down in the right hand corner of our Web Page! This feature has a lot of neat functions that can be used! Click on the blue icon to check it out!

eLearning Days

As Kankakee Valley School Corporation continues to make technology an active part of teaching and learning in our district, we are continuing to have eLearning Days. eLearning Days allow for school districts to offer instruction digitally so that schools are able to make up lost days due to inclement weather. As you know, the possibility of bad weather is always real for all of us in NW Indiana.

For FAQ concerning eLearning Days, please click on the tab labeled "E-Learning" towards the top of this page. 

Using Pin Code When Calling Into School

Kankakee Valley School Corp has a new security measure to protect the safety of our students.  When parents or guardians call the school, they must provide the pin code they created at registration when asking for certain confidential information (e.g. grades, health issues, discipline, attendance, address, contact info., family/sibling info., etc.). This also includes information that pertains to student location (bus number/route), financial information (balances), or early dismissal arrangements.  We understand that this will take time to get used to but we are only looking out for your child’s safety.   This is to ensure we are adhering to FERPA and HIPAA requirements.  If a parent forgets the Pin code, he/she can log in to Family Access and re-set it. Otherwise, the parent will need to come to the school office and provide proper identification.