Lunch Menus

NEW ITEMS added to our 2018/19 Lunch Menus:

We are excited to add the following choices to our A Line menu:

Whole Grain Breaded Chicken Breast Sandwich - This whole grain seasoned and white tender meat will soon be a new favorite in the lunchroom!

Whole Grain Submarine Sandwiches are back! This popular sandwich is filled with a choice of Ham or Turkey along with Crisp Romaine Lettuce, Sliced Tomato, American cheese and Whole Grain Chips on the side. You will find this cold cut in our Ala carte line. However, it is a reimbursable meal. Students can use their meal account to purchase this meal.


Breakfast To GO!

Students can take a gold Grab and Go back to their classrooms. The breakfast will consist of one Whole Grain item, one  Cheese Stick or Yogurt, Fruit and Dairy. The cost is the same as our Hot Breakfast at $1.45. What a great way to start a school day with a nutritious breakfast at a low cost. Also, if a student is on the Meal Assistance Program, the cost is only 30 cents for a reduced student and free for a free student. 


A-Line offers a variety of healthy choices with Entrees, Fruits, Vegetables and Whole Grain items. This line is on a 4-week menu cycle that is part of the National School Lunch Program. We are a part of the Offer vs. Serve program. To better understand what offer vs. serve is, please click here.

Lunch Prices for A-Line, Bar Line, and, Grab n Go: $2.55 for full pay and .40 cents for reduced price. 

Bar Line - Our bar line offers the students Favorites. We use a weekly menu cycle.

Grab and Go - Our grab and go line offers two Market Fresh choices daily;  Subs or Salads. Delicious!

Weekly Breakfast - Breakfast before school? Why not! We offer a weekly menu cycle with a variety of healthy choices that will ensure a great start to the students day! Breakfast starts at 7:15 am every morning and the cost is $1.45 for a full pay student. The reduced cost is .30 cents.


Debra Recker - Middle School Manager, 219-987-8810 ext. 3401

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