Dress Code

Last Updated: 8/5/2018 12:53 PM

Kankakee Valley Middle School students are expected to dress as students, prepared to participate in the educational process. Consistent adherence to these dress guidelines will contribute to a distraction-free environment where students can focus on academic achievement:

Clothing items that contain inappropriate language (i.e. profanity) or references to gangs, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, or private body parts are prohibited. Items that contain derogatory references to another person’s religion, race, gender, or sexuality are not allowed.

Clothing items (including accessories, belts, purses, and wallets) which have chains, raised studs, or anything that may pose a health and safety risk to others are not allowed.

Staff and administration reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of any clothing item worn to school.

Kankakee Valley Middle School students are expected to adhere to the dress code policy at all times - including field trips and after-school activities such as dances, club meetings, sporting events, and special ceremonies.


Must have sleeves that fully cover the shoulders

Must be long enough to cover the midriff at all times

Must be sized appropriately - not excessively loose, tight, or revealing (modestly covers the chest/cleavage area)

Must be free from rips, tears, or alterations that violate the above guidelines or that expose undergarments

Items made from sheer, see-through materials are not allowed


Must be sized appropriately (not excessively loose/tight), worn at the waist, and cover undergarments at all times

Must be an appropriate length - no shorter than three inches above the knees (regardless of items worn underneath)

Must be free of rips, tears, or holes (unless permanently patched underneath the clothing item)

Items made from tight-fitting, “stretch” material (lycra, spandex, leggings, tights, yoga pants, etc.) will be permitted as long as they are not sheer or excessively tight. These types of garments, with mesh or see through panels, higher than the knees, will not be acceptable.

Clothing items designed for sleeping, such as pajamas, are not allowed


Not to be worn within the building unless a teacher or administrator has granted special permission

Must be stored in the student’s personal locker during the school day


Must be worn at all times - shoes, sneakers/tennis shoes, or sandals are all acceptable

Slippers (whether hard-soled or not) are not appropriate for the learning environment

Administrators and/or staff reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of any form of attire
Students in violation of the Dress Code will be sent to the office for the following disciplinary procedures:
(May be asked to change clothes or borrow an appropriate item from the nurse or Guidance Office)

1st Offense: Warning recorded in PowerSchool
2nd Offense: After-School Detention (parent/guardian notified)
3rd Offense: Saturday School and Parent/Guardian to bring in appropriate clothing
4th Offense: (And all subsequent offenses) In School Suspension for the remainder of the school day