Attendance Policy

Last Updated: 8/31/2020 1:31 PM

Students who attend school on a regular and consistent basis have greater success in their academic pursuits than students who have frequent absences.

Returning to School from an Absence
Upon returning to school following an absence, a medical excuse or written note from parent/guardian describing the reason for the absence needs to be presented to the nurse. The nurse’s window will be open each morning for this purpose from 7:20 a.m. - 7:35 a.m.

Reporting an Absence
Absences are to be reported to the school each morning by calling 987-8810 and leaving a message for the school nurse (extension 3120). If an absence has not been reported, then a member of the office staff will attempt to reach the parent via home/work/emergency phone numbers in order to verify the safety of the student.

Excused Absence
A written note from parent/guardian describing the reason for the absence is required to be turned into the school nurse within 24 hours of returning to school. Students who do not provide a written note from parents or a medical excuse will be counted as unexcused (school work missed due to an unexcused absence will be entered as a zero).

Unexcused Absence
An absence is considered unexcused when neither a medical excuse nor a written note from parent/guardian is returned to the school following the absence. School work that is missed as the result of an unexcused absence may not count for credit. Absences in excess of the allowable number of parental excuses will be considered unexcused. Refer to the “Student Code of Conduct” for information regarding truancy and disciplinary action that may occur. In-school and out-of-school suspension days are not considered unexcused absences.

Absence with Prior Administrative Approval
The building administrator may provide approval, in advance, for a student to be absent from school. Students returning from an approved absence are expected to turn in all make-up work and take tests or quizzes on the day that they return to school. Exempted absences (not counted toward total absences for the school year) include:

Court appointments
Working the polls on Election Day
Serving as a page in the State Legislature
Religious holidays
Representing the school at contests or competitions

Medical Absence
An absence is considered medically excused when a licensed health care provider provides a written medical excuse. For medical absences exceeding five school days, the licensed health care provider may need to provide additional information regarding the student’s medical condition and its impact on education. Students who will miss 15 consecutive days or more of school due to a medical condition or surgery should contact the Guidance Department to discuss options for completing school work during the extended absence, including the possibility of a Section 504 Plan or homebound instruction. 

**A student who misses any portion of the school day due to a scheduled medical appointment will be required to turn in a medical excuse to the school nurse the following day.

Extracurricular Policy
Students are required to be present in school for at least half of the regularly scheduled school day in order to attend and/or participate in extracurricular activities, sporting events, practice sessions, or club meetings - unless special permission is granted in advance by the administration.

Habitual Absence
A student may be considered “habitually absent” if he/she exceeds 10 unexcused absences or 16 total (combination of excused and unexcused) absences for the school year. Students who are “habitually absent” are reported to the intake office of the juvenile court and/or the Department of Child Services.

**This is a partial listing of the Attendance Policy.  Please refer to the Kankakee Valley Middle School Student Handbook for the complete policy.