Last Updated: 2/11/2019 7:11 PM

Student IDs should be hung in lockers at the end of each day and not taken home. Students will not be allowed to call home to get IDs. The main office can make replacement IDs at a cost of $2.00.

Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline is open for students in grades 6-12. Free assistance with math or science homework from 7-10 pm ET, Sunday through Thursday, by calling 1-877-ASK-ROSE (1-877-275-7673).

Kankakee Valley Middle School Learning Lab is offered each day after school from 2:20-2:55 pm. Registration forms for the learning lab can be obtained from the Guidance Office.

Kougar Kave Book Store is open each morning from 7:20-7:30 and during the first ten minutes of each advisory. It is located right next to the nurse's station and sells pencils, pens, paper, folders, and erasers.

Please save Box Tops and Campbell's Universal Product Codes (UPCs)! Advisory teachers have bags to collect them and treats will be given out monthly to the group turning in the most box tops and labels. Bags should be turned into Mrs. Gibbons's mailbox with the group name printed on the bag.

Dress Code Reminder! Shorts and skirts must be of appropriate length - no shorter than three inches above the knees - regardless of items worn underneath them. Leggings, yoga pants, tights. or any other form-fitting leg garments must be covered by a skirt, shorts, or skorts that come to within three inches of their knees. Pants with holes in them are not acceptable - regardless of items (tights, leggings) worn underneath. There are no jeans or shorts allowed with holes in them. Yoga pants or tight stretchy pants are not allowed either.

Students that are absent for illness or other reasons must report to the nurse's station first thing the following morning for an admit slip. Students will not be allowed to class without this admit slip.

Students may not ride home on the bus with each other! This is a Corporation and Middle School policy.