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Mr. Spagna

Michael Spagna
KVHS Principal



Welcome to Kankakee Valley High School!  KVHS is an excellent school with awesome students, a student-centered staff, and an extremely supportive community. Our Core Values promote students to be Responsible, Respectful, and Self-Disciplined. We want to assist students in developing a strong work ethic so when they go to further schooling, such as college or trade schools, the military, or the workforce, they will have an important tool to be successful. KVHS is an “A” school with a strong academic program with a number of Advanced Placement and Dual Credit Courses. The KVHS CTE Program offers a huge advantage for our students as we offer a large number of Industry Certifications that students can use in the future to advance their careers. Our students also take advantage of our high number of Extra Curricular activities such as athletics and our many clubs to go along with our excellent facilities. I feel blessed to be a part of Kankakee Valley High School and am a firm believer that we offer many opportunities for our students to be successful.


Best wishes for an excellent school year!


Michael Spagna






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