Student belongings including yearbooks, will be available for pick up during the last week of May. Each classroom has been assigned a pick up time listed below. Pick ups will take place in the bus loading zone located on the west side of our building off Birch street. Please stay in your car and an attendant will bring the supplies to you. We will also be collecting bus tags, DES Library Books, textbooks, and school owned iPads. Families with Chrome books may keep them over the summer. Please charge at least once per week to maintain battery Life. If you are unable to come during the scheduled time for your classroom, you may choose any of the listed open times on the schedule. Families with more than one DES student may pick up and drop off once for all students in the family.

Pick Up Schedule
  May 26 May 27 May 28
8:00-9:00 K1 Korniak, K2 Woolever 14 Vorst, 15 Phillips 30 Hooley, 31 Sampson
9:00-10:00 K3 Koontz, K4 Bushman 16 Conner, 17 Hanaway 32 Nomanson, 33 Miller
10:00-11:00 OPEN OPEN OPEN
11:00-12:00 K5 Bolen, K6 Dunleavy 20 Pulido, 21 Brown 34 Oney, 35 Allender
12:00-1:00 K7 Clark, K8 Molenaar 22 Lapota, 23 Yozman 36 DeYoung, 37 Tassone
1:00-2:00 OPEN OPEN OPEN
2:00-3:00 11 Stokes, 12 Marich 24 Anderson, 25 Abell PALS 1 Stalbaum, PALS 2 Ginaven
3:00-4:00 13 Bockstahler 26 Rector 27 Boezeman OPEN
4:00-5:00 OPEN OPEN  

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