Making Payments Online

How can I make payments online for textbook rental and/or lunch and breakfast at school?

Kankakee Valley School Corporation (KVSC) uses a third party product called eFunds.  The district creates the student accounts and populates the accounts with charges for textbook rental, additional course fees, and any other school related charges.  These are updated on a periodic basis.  The link to eFunds website is Online Payments (eFunds)  and it can also be found under Parents, Online Payments on this website.


How do I create my parent account on eFunds?

On the eFunds website (see link above), under New Users on the right-hand side, click on Register Here.  Before doing that, you might want to first view and possibly print out the registration guide that is listed there as well.  If this is your first time creating an account, you will need a student number for each of the children whose accounts you need to access.   You will be given a login and user name as well as a family account number as part of the registration.


Where do I get the student number to use for eFunds?

The student number can be found on the confirmation page of online registration.  This confirmation page is always available through the online registration link in the Parent Portal.


I forgot my efunds username and/or password.  What do I do?

The efunds website has a forgot username and forgot password option.  You need your email address to obtain the username and the username and password to obtain the password.  If you have also forgotten which email address you used to set up the account, you will have to contact eFunds directly using the Customer Service link at the bottom of their website page.  KVSC does not have any of this information.  They will probably ask you for your family number or student number.  KVSC does not have your family number and the student number can be retrieved as explained above.


Why isn’t the lunch balance accurate on eFunds on a daily basis? 

eFunds does not have a direct two-way data link to the student database.  A file must be generated, processed, and submitted to eFunds.  This is done on a periodic basis (at least once a month or more frequently when a significant number of charges need to be posted).  Meal balances may be checked online using the Parent Portal which does have a direct data link to the student database, so it is always accurate.  Parents can set up an automatic notice when the child's account gets low.  To pay for meals with a credit card, use Online Payments through eFunds (see link above).  Payments made in eFunds are immediately posted into the student database.


I cannot access my student’s account in eFunds even though I am logged in.

If your student is new to the school district, it might take a few days for the account to be on eFunds depending on what time of the year it is.  Efunds is updated with new students after the new student registration day in early August and then again a few days after school starts.  We also run a file a few days after the beginning of second semester.  Otherwise, the file is updated every 2-4 weeks.

 If your student is new to the district partway into a semester, please plan on paying for their meals by check or sending money with them for the first week or two until the account gets set up.

If your student’s account information was previously on eFunds and is no longer available to you, please contact eFunds directly using the Customer Service link at the bottom of each of their website pages.


How often is the account information on eFunds updated?

A file is imported into eFunds a minimum of at least once a month.  This import occurs more often when there are a larger quantity of charges, such as the beginning of the school year, the beginning of each semester, and the end of the school year.  You can check when the last update was run by viewing the Technology Newsletter under Latest News.