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Last Updated: 6/12/2019 3:59 PM

As Professional School Counselors, we are educators trained to address students’ academic, personal/social, and career development needs.  We assess, implement, and measure areas of need and current programs to make sure they are effective while promoting our students’ academic achievement.  We serve as advocates for all students, while collaboratively working with parents, teachers, and administrators.


We are open to any comments, questions, or concerns you may have.  Please feel free to contact any staff member.

Melissa Richie                                             



(219) 956-3143 ext 2032

Class of 2020,  A-F
Class of 2021, A-Ga
Class of 2022,  A-F
Class of 2023, A-Gn

Bridget Helms                                              



(219) 956-3143 ext 2034

Class of 2020, G-N
Class of 2021, Ge-O
Class of 2022, G-N
Class of 2023, Go-M

Kim Dobson



(219) 956-3143 ext 2036

Class of 2020, O-Z
Class of 2021, P-Z
Class of 2022, O-Z
​​​​​​​Class of 2023, N-Z


Mary Spurgeon



(219) 956-3143 ext 2030

Dawn Vander Molen

Vocational Secretary


(219) 956-3143 ext 2031